Rachelle’s Reads: “Lone Wolf” by Gregg Hurwitz

If you love the action of big summer box office movie releases, Lone Wolf by Gregg Hurwitz is the book equivalent that you won’t want to miss. Fair warning… this title won’t be released until February 2024, which leaves plenty of time to catch up on the series. The first title in Hurwitz’s Evan Smoak adventures, Orphan X, was released in 2016 and this latest installment is the ninth novel in the series. Evan, otherwise known as Orphan X, was recruited as an orphan into a deeply covert assassin program, trained to be a highly skilled government operative. Sent on dangerous missions around the world, he eliminates his targets and quietly returns to his reclusive, solitary life. As he attempts to extricate himself from the program, he discovers that there are people in places who have other plans for him. While these unknown players work against him, Evan embarks on a personal mission to use his special skills to help people who are desperate and in danger… a modern day Robin Hood of sorts delivering vigilante justice where it’s most needed. His past, however, isn’t far enough behind him and he’s pulled back into the dark world of Orphan X. Get started on your summer suspense reading today with Gregg Hurwitz and his earlier titles, available now at your nearest Chandler Public Library:

Orphan X series (novels)
Orphan X (2016)
The Nowhere Man (2017)
Hellbent (2018)
Out of the Dark (2019)
Into the Fire (2020)
Prodigal Son (2021)
Dark Horse (2022)
The Last Orphan (2023)
Lone Wolf (2024) - check back around January to place your holds!

Rachelle Kuzyk, MLS
Library Manager, Chandler Public Library