Rachelle’s Reads: She’s Not Sorry

Chandler Public Library Director Rachelle Kuzyk reads the newest title by a bestselling suspense author for this month’s book review segment.

Megan Michaels is a critical care nurse, recently divorced, trying to be her best for both her patients at work and her teenaged daughter at home. Her career is demanding, both physically and emotionally, and the nature of intensive care means that she frequently experiences loss so she attempts to remain detached and professional. When Caitlin, a young woman in a coma with traumatic injuries is admitted, Megan can’t help but be drawn to her. Though the care team initially believes that Caitlin attempted suicide, it soon becomes an attempted murder investigation when a witness claims to have seen a second person with her. As she tends to Caitlin, Megan becomes involved with her parents, a mystery visitor and a myriad of questions about what exactly happened to Caitlin. Before long, Megan is consumed by it, shocked by what she learns as she pieces together the puzzle.

Get your hold on She’s Not Sorry now, and be ready for a gripping all-night read when your copy arrives. If you can’t wait until April, check out Mary Kubica’s other titles.
Rachelle Kuzyk, MLS
Library Manager, Chandler Public Library

She's Not Sorry: A Psychological Thriller (Original)