Rachelle’s Reads: “Hemlock Island” by Kelley Armstrong

Chandler Public Library Director Rachelle Kuzyk kicks off Spooky Season with a domestic horror novel coming September 12 - place your holds now for Hemlock Island!

Get a head start on your Halloween spooky reading with Hemlock Island by Kelley Armstrong. Laney Kilpatrick’s life has recently been turned upside-down for so many reasons. She lost her sister to cancer, leaving her with a teenage niece to raise, her marriage fell apart during the pandemic, and she’s barely getting by on her teacher’s salary. She loves her niece like crazy, though, which has forced her grief over the loss of both her sister and her husband into the backseat. During the divorce, her wealthy former husband transferred their secluded vacation home on a private island on Lake Superior into her name, but she refused alimony payments from him, so she can only afford to maintain it if she rents it out as a private getaway. In order to keep her niece in the neighborhood and school she’s always known, Laney has no extra money for the lake property, and as much as she hates the invasion of her private space, she’s been fortunate to have regular guests on Hemlock Island. After a disturbing phone call in the middle of night from an angry couple staying at the lake house, Laney decides to set out with her niece and see why exactly they’re complaining and insisting on a refund. By the time she arrives at the island, not only has she picked up unwanted company, she also finds more questions than answers. Something very unsettling is happening at the place she considers her sanctuary, and Laney is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Hemlock Island is a light read with just enough intrigue to make it a good weekend activity. Place your hold on it today!

Rachelle Kuzyk, MLS
Library Manager, Chandler Public Library

Hemlock Island