About the Library


Downtown Library

  • Opened in 1996
  • Located in historic downtown Chandler
  • 64,000 square feet
  • Administration offices

Hamilton Library

  • Opened in 1998 at Hamilton High School through a partnership with CUSD
  • Shared use facility serving south Chandler
  • 18,000 square feet

Sunset Library

  • Opened in 2000 through a partnership with a private developer
  • Serves west Chandler
  • 22,000 square feet

Basha Library

  • Opened in 2002 at Basha High School, another shared-use facility with CUSD
  • Shared use facility serving southeast Chandler
  • 20,500 square feet

Our History

In August of 1954, the five-year dream of the Chandler Junior Woman’s Club became a reality when the doors of the Chandler Public Library were opened. The group conducted a door-to-door campaign to raise the necessary funds to construct the building ($5,560 total cost) and provide for a small collection of books. As evident in the abundance of support received, the entire community felt that it was important to have a library of its own. Once the doors were opened, the keys were turned over to the City of Chandler for continued operation.

Today, the Chandler Public Library continues its commitment of being the reading, learning, and cultural center for our community. With four locations in all geographic areas of the community, library users have the opportunity to meet and interact with others, sit quietly and read in an approachable and inviting environment, with high-speed access to the digital world. As the information leader, we provide a variety of resources, in a variety of formats, so library users of all ages can explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

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