Book Review: What Remains

Pick up What Remains by Wendy Walker for one of your summer reads. Detective Elise Sutton is a cold case detective, bringing closure and justice to the victims of long-unsolved murders. She has a special skill for seeing things others have missed and finding order and calm as pieces of the mysteries fall into place. Her work is very much behind-the-scenes as she sifts through old files to uncover new information, so she is wholly unprepared for a chance encounter with a gunman in a department store while she is running a quick errand as her partner waits outside in their squad car. Elise is armed, however, and though she has never had reason to fire her weapon before, she makes a split-second decision and kills the shooter before he can harm anyone in the store that day.

She saves countless people, including a man who appeared to be directly in the line of fire desperately running away from the gunman. Though she is hailed a hero, she is consumed with guilt, second-guessing her actions despite the many accolades coming from others. She is preparing for her return to work after a mandatory post-shooting leave of absence when she spots the man she saved, who has also not presented himself to be interviewed by police about the events that unfolded. Elise impulsively decides to follow his vehicle on her own to try and learn more about the details of the day that continue to haunt her. What she doesn’t expect is to walk into a situation even more dangerous than the shooting itself.

What Remains is a page-turning read that will keep you intrigued and entertained. Place your hold on it today!

- Rachelle Kuzyk, MLS
Library Manager, Chandler Public Library

What Remains