Board Game of the Month: Ahoy!

Welcome to the Book & Board Library Lounge! We have a collection of board games you can play while enjoying refreshments in Downtown Library's new cafe space. This month’s featured game is Ahoy!

Embark on high-sea adventures in Ahoy! - a game about swashbucklers and soldiers fighting to lay claim over the ocean. Each player controls a different faction that uses the dice in their own unique fashion. There is the Bluefin Squadron, a crew of sharks who keep control of the seas with shot and sword. There is also the Mollusk Union, a coalition of undersea creatures attempting to reclaim their ancestral home. With more players, the Smugglers are introduced, maverick captains who deliver cargo to the players with the most need…or coin.

Ahoy! is an exploration war game for 2 to 4 players. The recommended age is 14 and older. The average play time is 45 to 75 minutes.

While you’re enjoying adventure in the Book & Board Lounge, grab some books to find even more adventure! Then log your reading time for the Summer Reading Challenge and earn fun prizes all summer long! For kids, teens, and adults, too – now through August 1.