Music Review: Strawberry Mansion

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Strawberry Mansion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Dan Deacon

Strawberry Mansion is a film that takes place in 2035 in a world not entirely unlike our own. The major differences is that in this world advertisers have access to the dreams of humans and those dreams are taxed by the government. The main character of the film is a dream auditor, a civil servant who operates like the IRS of dreams.  He goes to audit the dreams of an elderly woman whose dreams have not been cataloged in years and soon enters a type of unreality beyond his own wildest dreams.

Dan Deacon’s soundtrack is the soundscape of this dystopian world and its dreamers. Deacon, an electronic and noise artist known for his participatory live shows, has been scoring films for the last decade. Besides electronic elements, Strawberry Mansion features orchestral pieces, a prominent xylophone and gentle guitars. It feels cliché to call this album trippy, but apropos nonetheless. This is an album that could put you to sleep in the best way possible. Angular, but not aggressive, Deacon fills the short pieces with sounds that, on their own, might be considered precious, but as a part of the whole is a fantastical lullaby. - Jami (Downtown)