Music Review: Mala Santa

Mala Santa, opens a new window by Becky G
International star Becky G’s 2019 release Mala Santa oozes confidence. Becky G is a woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. The 16 songs of Mala Santa describe a woman who isn’t putting up with unworthy people (particularly unworthy men) and suggests you don’t, either. There’s a reason Becky G, who is proudly Mexican-American and sings in Spanish, is a feminist icon. When Becky G sings, her voice could be bumping over the speakers at the club or be coming from your best friend’s mouth while doing your make-up. Both intimate and universal, Becky G is one of the girls and that’s just the lyrics. The beats behind these vocals will have even the gringos swaying back and forth to this Latin Urbano/Latin Pop.

Some of the best songs on Mala Santa are danceable hits with guest stars. “Dollar,” the fourth single released from Mala Santa, is my favorite. In it Becky G tells a smooth talking suitor she “can’t pay her bills with words, they’re worth nothing.” She sings about men trying to slide into her DMs. Becky G is a star whose pictures break the internet. Why then, do these trifling men think they can get with her. She doesn’t sound vindictive or angry but instead shrug-your-shoulders and feel pity for these clueless dudes. I especially like how Puerto Rican singer and rapper Myke Towers' verse backs up Becky G’s claims. 

Another standout song is “Vamonos” with Panamanian singer Sech. Like her song with Myke Towers, Becky G is the one in control here. She likes you and if you like her, well, vamonos! Let’s go!  While switching up pronouns, Becky G sings to both female and male lovers - Forget him, forget her.  This is yet another example of Becky G’s confidence over a rhythmic backbeat mimicking the energy of a hot hook up.  Sech, who reached international fame with his hit “Otro Trago,” has been described by Billboard magazine as having “soothing vocals, sensual urban fusion melodies, and lyrics that focus on romance, dreams and positive vibes” which mix well with “Vamonos’” self-assured invitation.

“24/7” describes and exudes the non-stop and intoxicating feeling of a party that doesn’t end, blending the weekend together. Mala Santa is like that weekend - through the good and bad, you know you will come out alive and stronger. So strong, in fact, you won’t pay those trying to get you down any mind because you are having too much fun. - Jami (Downtown)