High Five: Write

High Five keeps parents and children coming back to Chandler Public Libraries, in person or not! High Five, opens a new window is an early literacy promotion that introduces five key concepts: Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play. Read on for ideas about exploring writing (or pre-writing) with your child.

If your child is scribbling on everything they can whenever they get a hold of anything that writes, they are ready to discover that words have meaning.

You can reinforce this idea by giving your child a journal of his own. Encourage your child to write or draw about the places, things and people you encounter. Ask your child to tell you about her journal entries. If the entries are mainly drawings, encourage her to describe the pictures in writing. If her writing is still in the scribbling phase of normal development, go ahead and let her scribble in her journal. Scribbling is an important pre-writing skill. Celebrate those scribbles and then have your child dictate to you what she wrote so you can write it down and she can see what she’s working towards. Don’t erase the scribbles, just add your writing to the same page.

If your child is already starting to write letters and form words, another fun tip to get in more writing practice is to use a notebook to write short notes back and forth with your child. Don’t rip the pages out, pass the entire notebook back and forth. You’ll have a wonderful keepsake - a reminder of your dedication to your child’s literacy.

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