High Five: Pool Games

Help your child dive into early literacy skills during Chandler’s long, hot summer! While splashing around in the pool together, try these activities to build your child’s reading readiness, all while having fun and keeping cool.

Sight Word Beachball – Use a permanent marker to write common sight words, or any words your child is currently working on, directly onto a beach ball. Toss the ball back and forth, taking turns reading the word nearest your left hand. You can make up silly rules based on your child’s reading level and sense of humor. For example, “make up a sentence using the word” or “sing the word opera style.”

Letter Search and Rescue – Cut a pool noodle into 1-inch sections. Use a permanent marker to write a letter on each section. Toss the pieces of pool noodles into a depth of water that is safe for your child. Ask your child to find specific letters and place them safely on the pool deck. An extension for this activity would be to put the sections in order, to spell words appropriate for your child’s abilities. 

Disappearing Letters - Take turns using a paintbrush to paint a letter in water on the pool deck, then try to guess what letter the painter is creating before the water dries up. Bonus points for knowing the sound the letter makes! Or use a pool noodle to write letters in the air while the other person guesses which letter you are trying to write. 

Engaging your kiddos in quick learning opportunities while they are having fun is a great way to encourage reading readiness and develop fun, lasting memories while braving the heat this summer! For even more reading and swimming fun, attend Storytime at the Pool on August 26 at Nozomi Aquatic Center!