Recommended by Teens: The Girls I’ve Been

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The Girls I’ve Been is a standalone novel written by Tess Sharpe. It follows the story of Nora and her two friends, who are taken as hostages in a bank robbery. Nora uses her past knowledge as a con artist to help her friends - after all, her mother was a con artist. After revisiting her challenging childhood, Nora works through her past to figure out who she really is. The story incorporates a variety of perspectives that take place at different times in Nora’s life. The various perspectives in the plot come together at the end and make the story more powerful. It also provides insight into how the characters developed and become confident. By weaving themes such as friendship, confidence, love and loyalty, readers are able to connect with the story on a deep level. Overall, the book is an entertaining read that has romance, humor, and thrill. Read The Girls I’ve Been for engaging twists and turns! Then watch the upcoming Netflix Original movie starring Millie Bobby Brown as the lead. - Sonya H., Sunset teen volunteer

The Girls I've Been