Looking for: Language Learning?

Learning a language? Access one of the most popular language-learning products, Mango Languages, completely free with your library card! Mango offers over 70 languages and features interactive lessons with text, audio and real-time translations. Some languages have specialty courses that focus on business, medical, legal or other vocabulary, as well as foreign films to give you even more language practice. And don’t forget Mango’s popular Pirate course for Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19!

To access Mango, visit chandlerlibrary.org, choose the Browse the Library tab, then find Mango Languages under Online Resources. You can use Mango as a guest, or create a profile that will save your work and keep track of your lessons. Then choose your language and get started! You can also download the Mango app for Android or iOS and take your learning on the go. (After you install the app, open the menu, choose “Subscribe” and “Find Free Mango,” then search for Chandler Public Library to get free access with your library card.)

Can’t make it to the library to get a card? We now offer eCards that allow access to our online resources, including Mango! If you’re a Maricopa County resident, you can fill out the online form to register for your eCard. See more at our Get a Card page. eCard users can come in to the library at any time to upgrade to a full-access card that allows checkout of books and other physical materials.