Looking for Business Research?

Small business owners, freelancers, and marketing professionals need to do their research, especially when studying the market in their area. Where to do this market research? At your library - with Reference Solutions! Formerly ReferenceUSA, this popular directory offers business listings that include address/phone, executive names, financial data, and more, which are searchable by business type, business size, geographical area and other options. There’s also a residential database, as well as special business types like Healthcare and historical businesses.

To access Reference Solutions, start at chandlerlibrary.org, choose Browse the Library from the menu, then Online Resources and All. Scroll down to Reference Solutions. You’ll need your library card and PIN to log in if you’re signing in from home. You can also download the Reference Solutions app for Android or iOS. When prompted to search for a library, enter your ZIP code and choose Arizona State Library. (Public libraries in Arizona share an account through the State Library.) Then enter your library card number and start searching!

Can’t make it to the library to get a card? We offer eCards that allow access to all our online resources, including Freegal! If you’re a Maricopa County resident, you can fill out the online form to register for your eCard. See more at our Get a Card page. eCard users can come to the library at any time to upgrade to a full-access card that allows checkout of books and other physical materials.