Looking for: Biographies of Notable People?

Have a student doing a biography report? Or are you just looking to learn about notable people, past and present? Find biographical information through the library’s website by using Gale in Context: Biography, opens a new window. All the articles are reprinted from reference books, magazines, newspapers and other print sources - a wider range of resources than you can find in a Google search!

Access Biography, opens a new window from home with your library card number and PIN. Browse through the people on the main page, or enter a name in the search box at the top. You can also use the Advanced Person Search to find people by time period, occupation, ethnicity and more. Articles will indicate what print publication they originally appeared in. Look for "Cite" in the top menu to find out how to list articles on a bibliography or works cited page.

Can’t make it in to the library to get a card? We now offer eCards that allow access to our online resources, opens a new window, including Biography! If you’re a Maricopa County resident, you can fill out the online form, opens a new window to register for your eCard. See more at our Get a Library Card, opens a new window page. eCard users can come into the library at any time to upgrade to a full-access card that allows checkout of books and other physical materials.