Book Review: The Woman in the Library

A mystery writer named Freddie is sitting with three other strangers at a table in the Boston Public Library when the silence is broken by a woman's scream. Shaken by the surprising noise, they begin to converse, and Freddie gains three new friends. She also gains a wealth of inspiration for her novel in progress, because a body is discovered in the library, and soon there's a murder to investigate. But one of Freddie's new friends becomes a suspect. Can Freddie's own investigation clear him? And were all those strangers really strangers when they sat down at that table the day they heard the scream?

The Woman in the Library offers up this intriguing mystery - but it's not the only one. Because Freddie is actually a character in a book being written by another woman, Hannah, who is sending chapters as she writes them to a fan and aspiring writer named Leo. As the story-within-a-story unfolds, we learn that Hannah's characters aren't all who they seem to be, and then we learn that Leo might not be who he seems to be, either. With two tangled stories to unravel at once, The Woman in the Library becomes an edge-of-the-seat read. - Michelle (Sunset)

The Woman in the Library