Book Review: 48 Clues into the Disappearance of My Sister

G’s older sister, M, was always the beautiful one, the popular one, the successful one. While G lived at home with their aging father, M went off to a glamorous job in the big city, until she suddenly returned home to help care for G during the younger sister’s nervous breakdown. But now M has gone missing. G was the last to see her before her disappearance, although investigators ruled her out as a suspect. As the years go by and the clues add up, though, more is revealed about G’s mental state, the conflicts between the sisters, the carefully crafted responses G gave to investigators to turn them away and the many things she’s been hiding. But will the truth ever be revealed?

The prolific and highly acclaimed Joyce Carol Oates is a master of literary suspense, troubled characters, and the dark and disturbing. With a writing career ranging from short stories (Lovely, Dark, Deep) to hefty biographical fiction (Blonde), Oates now takes on the popular trope of domestic mystery and unreliable narrators in 48 Clues into the Disappearance of My Sister. G is difficult and unsympathetic, yet captivating; Oates' signature style is disjointed and unnerving, yet haunting and hard to forget. - Michelle (Sunset)

48 Clues Into the Disappearance of My Sister