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Study Room FAQs

  • Yes, the online system will only work with a valid Chandler library card and PIN number.
  • You can make reservations up to 8 days in advance (including today). You can reserve up to 2 hours each day and the hours can be consecutive or split (maximum 2 reservations per day).

  • The Basha and Sunset Libraries allow up to four people in their rooms. The Downtown Library has five rooms that allow six people. The Hamilton Library does not have study rooms.

  • You can cancel your reservation at any time. Save your confirmation email - it contains cancellation instructions. Staff may cancel your entire reservation session if you're at least 15 minutes late but it's preferable for you to cancel your own reservation so our system stays current for other patrons.

  • Yes, you should go to the information desk to have the study room door unlocked.

  • Food and drink, other than packaged snacks (e.g., granola bars, pretzels) and bottled beverages with spill-proof lids (e.g., tumblers, sealed bottles), are not permitted in the study rooms.

  • Users of the study rooms are responsible for leaving the rooms in neat and orderly condition.  Users must maintain a quiet-study-like atmosphere, and discussions should take place at conversational levels.  For your security, please do not leave unattended items in the study rooms.  If you must leave the study rooms for a short time, please lock the door behind you. 

  • The study rooms at the Downtown and Sunset libraries are equipped with white boards.  You may bring your own markers and erasers, or check them out at the library’s information desk.  

  • Let staff know. Staff will make sure the person who has the reservation gets the room. Please do not use a different room - it will complicate other reservations throughout the day.

  • You can book a study room at Basha, Downtown, Sunset (locations with Study Rooms) by splitting your daily reservation allotment, but you cannot exceed the daily limit of 2 hours and a maximum of 2 reservations per day, per card. Your daily reservation limit applies to all locations combined.

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