Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources

As a Chandler Public Library cardholder, you may have concerns with the content of some of our library resources. We encourage you to communicate your concerns with a library staff member, and to review the Library's Collection Management Policy. After doing so, if you still feel further actions are desirable regarding a specific library item, you may fill out and submit the Request for Reconsideration form below.

Upon receiving the request, a committee of librarians will be appointed to investigate your comments and concerns. The committee will provide a report and recommendation of action for the Library Leadership Team, who will review the report and communicate the committee recommendations with the requestor. 

Please note:

  • Only one title or resource is allowed to be reviewed per request.
  • A resource will only be reviewed only once per 3 year period; decisions of past library resource reviews will be included as part of the research inquiry of any new reconsideration request review.
  • The Chandler Public Library reports their Requests for Reconsideration and resolutions to the American Library Association for inclusion in their book challenges and book bans statistics.




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