High Five: Play

High Five keeps parents and children coming back to Chandler Public Libraries, in person or not! High Five is an early literacy promotion that introduces five key concepts: Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play. Read on to learn a new tip for making playtime fun – with clothes!

For older children, dress-up is a great way to explore creating narratives. As they pretend to be pirates, monsters, princesses and police officers, children are learning what characters are. They are also learning that narratives include a series of events. You can encourage this by asking them questions, such as “What does the dragon want?” or “What will the firefighter do next?” You will be amazed at the imaginative twists and turns their stories will take.

For younger children, playing dress-up is a great way for them to expand their vocabulary. Children can learn the names of clothing items, like hats, shoes or scarves, and learn to recognize differences between them such as color, size, and pattern. It’s also an opportunity to learn words about the body. You can ask your child, “Where do you put your hat? Do you put it on your foot?” Be silly and have fun!

Children can also gain comprehension of stories that they have heard in the past by acting them out. When you are done with a book, recreate the story by dressing up as characters. Repetition in different forms is key to helping children understand what you have read.

Costumes don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sheets can be capes and gowns, old adult clothes can be fun to play with, and simple accessories like purses and wallets can add to the role play. If you want to spend a little money, second-hand clothing stores have lots of options.

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