Chandler Public Library Local Authors Fair

Chandler Public Library Local Authors Fair

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with the literary pulse of our community. Join us for an afternoon filled with literary delights as we showcase the incredible talent right here in our own backyard. Whether you're an avid reader, aspiring writer, or simply curious about the local talent, the Chandler Public Library's Local Authors Fair promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Supported by Friends of Chandler Public Library.

Event Details

Summer Reading Picks for Adults

This year's Summer Reading theme is "Adventure Begins at Your Library." Check out these fiction and nonfiction books full of adventure!


Local Authors Talk

Get up close and personal with your favorite local authors as they share the secrets behind their literary masterpieces. Explore the inspiration, dedication, and stories that shape their works.

Zine Creators Corner

Dive into the vibrant world of zine-making at our Zine Creators Corner. Unearth hidden gems from local zine artists and discover the power of self-expression through this dynamic medium. From thought-provoking words to whimsical illustrations, there's a zine for every taste.

The Makery Author experience

Explore The Makery, a creative hub where imagination thrives. Enjoy making unique items, designed especially for writers! Come get a book tote and make a writing journal. While supplies last!

Typewriter Type-in

Step back in time and experience the magic of the typewriter era! Test your typing skills, craft your thoughts, and watch your words come to life with the nostalgic clickety-clack of these vintage machines.

Guests and Presenters

Hailey Alcaraz

A storyteller who began her career in sixth grade as a kid reporter, now writing about multicultural girls finding their way in the world.

Stephanie Austin

Author of the essay collection SOMETHING I MIGHT SAY, about grief, loss and death, and work published in numerous literary journals.

Julius Blair

The creative guru behind JB Comics, producing Sci-Fi action stories as well as tales for the younger generation on themes like bullying.

Patricia Boomsma

A retired Arizona lawyer now writing full time, including the award-winning historical novel, "The Way of Glory."

Guests and Presenters

Jason Bradford

Author of the Solar Ashes series, which taps into his passion for creative storytelling and heart-pounding action and suspense.

Frank Davis

A lifelong fan of science fiction, now writing in Robert A. Heinlein's style of imagining real technology that could exist in the future.

Tracy Dayment

The parent of an adopted, special needs child and author of books about navigating these experiences.

Marsha DeFilippo

A lifelong crafter and quilter who writes cozy mysteries, romance, and more.

Guests and Presenters

Dawnielle Edwards

An Arizona teacher, mom and wife who turned her dream of being an author into reality when she self-published a children's picture book.

Andrew Flynn

A cross-genre author who loves deconstructing popular conventions, and host of a popular writing group at Chandler Public Library.

Howard Gershkowitz

A writer of novelist, short fiction, and poetry who has accumulated a lifetime of material by keeping a journal for more than forty years.

David Alyn Gordon

A lifelong reader of science, mystery, horror, thrillers, and historical fiction who now writes them.

Guests and Presenters

Lisa Heartman

A coffee-swilling, sass-spewing romance writer who believes love is messy and magnificent.

Emiland Kray

A trans visual artist working primarily with book arts and game design to investigate the complexities and fallacies of memories and dreams.

E.S. Magill

Author of short fiction and the paranormal thriller series Magica, and the editor of anthologies and a speculative lit magazine.

Katelyn McCaigue

A creature and fantasy artist with over 10 years in the industry, and author of crowd-funded comic books.

Guests and Presenters

Janelle Molony

An award-winning author, journalist and host of "Women of Wyoming: Then & Now."

Elicia Nademin

A clinical psychologist and author whose work centers around a theme of transformation and passion.

Debi Novotny

A retired educator and author of children's picture books including "Hop Vroom Skitter," "The Case of the Missing Title," "Beaker and Gonk."

Dan O'Mahoney

An educator and lifelong reader of fantasy, now writing fantasy stories about family, friendship, and coming-of-age.

Guests and Presenters

Srianthi Perera

A journalist, former reporter and author of "A Maiden's Prayer," a whimsical and endearing literary novel based on her native Sri Lanka.

Albert Monreal Quihuis

An Arizona historian and award-winning author of multicultural and bilingual books for children, young adults, and readers of all ages.

Carol Sampson

Known for her contributions both in the interior design field and as an author, including the memoir "Horse Wrangler Shenanigans."

Miffie Seideman

A retired pharmacist and author of "The Grim Reader: A Pharmacist’s Guide to Putting Your Characters in Peril."

Guests and Presenters

Sharon Skinner

Author of children's books & fantasy novels, as well as a Certified Book Coach who helps writers weave their words into stories that shine.

Jazz Torrez

An artist, zine maker and professional archivist whose work focuses on dreams and memories through the use of illustration and storytelling.

Fawzia Mai Tung

A journalist & educator with contributions to publications all over the world, and the children's book "The Wonderful Tale of Donkey Skin."

Manasi Vegesna

A high school senior who turned her love of biology and medicine into a book that helps children face illness with courage.


Henry Ward

A recovering alcoholic and addict who found running and writes about recovery.

Zine: SaturnHex

The design duo of Victoria & Julian, with skills covering 2D/3D art, design, fabrication, facilitation, and design thinking.

Zine: Wasted Ink Publishing

An expansion of Wasted Ink Zine Distro, now providing printing and binding services for zine makers, artists, and creators.

Supported by Friends of Chandler Public Library

This event is supported in part by Friends of CPL. Libraries may survive with public funds, but it’s with private gifts that they flourish.
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