Winter Reads for Kids

It may be sunny outside, but these books will get you in the mood for winter. Snuggle up with your little ones, drink some hot cocoa and enjoy a few winter-inspired reads for all ages available through Chandler Public Library.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Winter: This colorful book by Eric Carle will bring to life the moments that make up the season, whether it’s sitting in front of the fire, looking out the window at the snow or building a snowman. The simple writing offers a great opportunity to expand vocabulary for babies and toddlers.

Winter Babies is another great title for toddlers and babies. The short phrases are full of action words, like “dogs sniff” and “rabbits hop.” Have fun performing the actions together to help your child better understand and remember the vocabulary.

Stranger in the Woods: From Miss Nanette, Downtown Chandler’s Preschooltime Presenter, comes this recommendation of a beautiful story told through nature photography. The animals in the forest are surprised by a stranger who appears in the snow.

Twelve Doorbells Ringing: Sing along as an extended family gathers to celebrate, and a young girl hopes to get a sweet potato pie made by her Grandma. If you enjoy this story, try Grandma’s Tiny House, another counting story about a Black family enjoying a special meal together. These are great books for preschool and kindergarten aged readers.

A Day so Gray: Another title for preschoolers and kindergarteners, this book shows how a friend can help us see things from a new perspective and brighten up a seemingly dull day.

Boxcar Children: Snowbound Mystery: For our first and second grade readers, there is a new Boxcar Children book. Who doesn’t love a cozy mystery? While stranded in a cabin during a snowstorm, the Arden children discover that the cabin contains many secrets.

Winterhouse: Speaking of cozy mysteries, if you are in the mood for puzzles check out this middle grade chapter book about an orphan girl who ends up living at a fancy hotel. There she discovers her own magical abilities and clues that may unlock the secrets of her past.

Don’t forget our online streaming service, Kanopy. You can watch video books such as Bear Snores On, The Snowy Day or Lemonade in Winter.

Happy Holidays and have a warm and joyful winter! - Crystal (Downtown)