High Five: Summer Reading Challenge

It’s Summer and for Arizona that means it’s hot! The Summer Reading Challenge offers extra incentives to cool off with a good book. We have prizes for all ages including our prereaders and their parents. Reading aloud to your child counts as points for both you and for them. And prizes aren’t the only reason to sign up!

1.      Reading is a great time to bond with your child! It’s a chance help them associate reading with togetherness and comfort. Create a reading routine that works for your family. If bedtime reading doesn’t work, try after dinner or other transition times like when they come home from day care, preschool or kindergarten. Build a comfy reading nook together with pillows and favorite stuffed animals where you can read regularly.

2.      Make reading more immersive by using silly voices, picking books with actions or sound effects and asking questions as you read. You can have them repeat some words or fill in a blank to finish a rhyme. Flip the book upside down and act confused when you can’t read it, and let your child help you figure out what’s wrong.

3.      Let your child pick some books that interest them, and don’t worry too much about the reading level. You can skip pages, just look at the pictures and tell your own story, and stop whenever it you need to and come back to it. Pick books that you like too! If reading is fun for you, it is more likely to be fun for your kiddo. And take some time to read your own magazines and books when you can. Seeing their parents enjoying reading makes it more likely that children will view it as an activity that adults do, too, and create life-long readers.

- Crystal R. (Downtown)

Visit our Summer Reading Challenge page for more information, including a complete prize list and special events, and to register. Now through August 1.